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Founder's Vision


           The founder of the college had uniform motto to establish this college that college will be an innovative educational provider of quality lifelong learning experiences for all members of the community. His vision are ......

  • To develop individuals who will undertake the search for new knowledge and its application to Indian realities.
  • To raise new bachelors and train them and send them into the mission fields of their vision.
  • Enriching lives and fulfilling dreams by preparing students to pursue and achieve career success.
  • Valuing our students, employees and partners by acting with respect, integrity and openness.
  • Supporting communities and industries by being enterprising, innovative and globally connected.
  • The College will known for outstanding leadership, contribution, excellence in education, communication, and professions fostering career and well-being in order to revitalize education and learning and promote the general health and welfare of our society.The vision of the College is to provide quality teacher education to all Students enrolled in our college. Students are given a thorough knowledge and build foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching.


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